In 2014, ASCONIKK: the Annual Scientific Conference of the Hungarian National Coordinating Center for Infocommunications (NIKK) is a joint event to VOCAL 2014.

The Hungarian National Coordinating Center for Infocommunications organizes the following sessions:

  • NIKK: Decision support methods and software for logistic systems including transportation systems and smart grids;
  • NIKK: Optimization and scheduling algorithm and software for business and industrial processes;
  • NIKK: Reliability analysis of complex networks and processes;
  • NIKK: Parallel and distributed computing including sensor networks.

Participants with accepted papers for any of the NIKK sponsored sessions can apply for NIKK sponsored participation, which involves free of charge registration, accommodation, airport to conference and conference to airport transport services. Application for NIKK sponsored participation can be indicated at the form "Conference Registration" (after the notification of acceptance of the abstract).

ASCONIKK provides the opportunity for its participants to submit 4-8 page full papers for publication in the conference proceedings. Please send your source file(s) (TeX source(s) with figures or Word) and PDF file to the address (deadline: 30 Oct, 2014). The full papers will be reviewed by NIKK and the selected papers will be published in the ACSONIKK conference proceeding with ISBN number. The ASCONIKK proceedins follow the format of LNCS. Preparing the full text please use the tamplates available at

ASCONIKK and VOCAL take place at the same conference venue. Participants of VOCAL can join sessions of ASCONIKK and vice versa.